Gift Ideas for Women

great gift ideas for womenThere is just a multitude of items you can give as gifts for women. Any cute, chic or couture item is a good choice for most women. So here are some great choices as Christmas gift ideas for women.


You can give different kinds of books for women. Here are some popular choices: romance novels, inspirational, cookbooks, DYI. Others can be fiction, non-fiction, classics. Paperback or hardbound is fine. Paperback is budget-friendly. Wrap it up in a nice Christmas wrapping. Perhaps put a little ribbon and you’re good to go!


You can’t go wrong with bags! Most women love and collect bags. I mean, who doesn’t? Shoulder bags and clutches are most common gifts. Bags of different colors, shapes and sizes are perfect gifts for your girl friends. Just make sure they like the type and color of the bad you’re giving them.

Gold, Silver and Trinkets!

Women love to accessorize! Give them a nice necklace, bracelet, bangles, anklets, ring or earrings and she’d be happy. Even if it’s not 18-karat gold, accessories are still loved by women, especially with chic designs.

Scarves and other Knitted Stuff

Professional women love to dress up for office and oftentimes accessories are worn to enhance business attire. Scarves are perfect for these. They also sometimes wear cardigans, sweatshirts over collared or ruffled tops.

Body Care Products

Taking good care of the body is essential for women. Sometimes, women need to detoxify or relax from stress and some do this by soaking in a nice hot tub of water with nice scents or a milk bath. Aside from relaxation, women have lots of rituals in taking care of their body: putting on lotion to moisturize, using exfoliating creams to remove dead skin cells and facial wash or cream for a nice smooth face.

You can get her a body care set. The Body Shop already has sets that you can just grab one and it already has everything your female friend needs.

Makeup Kits

Most women put on makeup from casual to glamorous to trendy. A makeup set would be perfect but for a small budget, go for lipstick, eye shadow, blush on or foundation. Any one of those would be great.


Women scream fashion. Accessorizing is and always will be the trend. You can give her a belt, hat, hair band, brooch, cellphone charms, bag charms or just about anything that’s cute and can enhance her fashion sense. She will love it! Make sure it fits her style or the look she’s going for.


Dainty tops, dresses, shorts, jeans. If you know her size and style then you can take the risk of buying her clothes. She will be ecstatic to see when she opens your gift from her. There are lots of nice online shops to shop clothes from as well as boutiques in your area. This may be hard but if you got it right, it’s definitely worth it.

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