Gift Ideas for Men

Great gift ideas for men.Christmas season is the busiest season for purchases, especially coming up with gifts for loved ones. Giving a Christmas gift for a guy friend? Got no idea what to buy him? Here are some nice ideas for you to consider getting!

Coffee Tumbler or Mug

If your friend works in an office where a cup of coffee could really give a boost, this is the perfect gift for him. For a Starbucks addict guy, get him a nice stainless tumbler or mug. Starbucks has many designs to choose from. You may visit any local Starbucks shop or get one online. You can also go shop for nice inexpensive tumblers in stores where they have some.

This is my personal choice since you no longer need to know other factors like the size, color or scent choice. Just pick a nice sexy black, silver or blue tumbler or mug and you are good to go!

Caps and Hats

Most men love wearing ball caps. Some even collect sports ball caps like baseball and basketball caps. There are lots to choose from and they are also inexpensive. This is probably the most budget-friendly choice, unless you are getting him collector’s edition caps.

Ball caps are most commonly given and used. Go for sports ball caps with the favorite team of your guy friend. He would be delighted.

Men’s Jackets

You can never go wrong with jackets, unless you chose the one color your guy friend hates. But then again, if you are friends you know each others’ likes and dislikes. So this is a safe gift. Try North Face jackets or browse for more brands online.

Men’s Cologne or Perfume

This may not be a safe choice but this could be a perfect gift for your guy friend. Some men prefer cologne or perfume gift but this can be very tricky. Some of them are particular with the scent. You can try to figure out his cologne or perfume, or determine what scents he likes. Why not try this Armani Code 2.5 for more or less $60?

Other Men’s Apparel and Accessories

Shirts, neckties, shorts, pants, shades, any fashion item you can think of! Graphic shirts are perfect for younger men. Plain collared shirts are for business professionals as well as neckties. Sports shades can be good choices as well.

Electronic Gadgets

Techie guys like techie gifts. Spark their interest with gifts like earphones, wireless optical mouse and iPods. Check out computer stores or the Apple store for a wide range of electronic gadgets you can choose from.

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